Live from Tehran

The major media news blackout on Iran seems to continue.

The front pages of the web editions of The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post all carry nothing. Not even MSN‘s home page — where I have links set up to all the big international stories — is giving me anything.


A quick look at NYT‘s international page doesn’t even have so much as an AP story link.

The LA Times and Wapo are marginally better — they at least have one story each in their international sections. Of course, both stories seem to downplay recent events. Here are the ledes, first from WaPo:

The anniversary of student protests that rocked Iran four years ago passed relatively peacefully tonight, as leaderless, expectant crowds that gathered outside Tehran University and nearby parks found themselves facing riot police, plainclothes security officers on motorbikes and helicopters circling overhead.

Scanning the rest of the story, I see no explaination that “plainclothes security officers” really means “paramilitary thugs with Koranic delusions of grandeur.” But that’s what they really are.

And from the LA Times:

Pro-democracy protests against Iran’s Islamic regime drew a smaller than anticipated turnout Wednesday. While thousands of Iranians in cars and on foot created dense crowds in many parts of the capital


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