This Rant Has Not Been Brought to You by Home Depot, SoundTrack, or Bob

This whole bit of having to catch up on a month’s worth of news has left me without much too say.

Now that we have the bald-faced lie (lying without a beard? And how is that worse than a Van-Dyked lie, or, to be more sinisterly hip, goateed lying?) out of the way, I really spent the day between Home Depot and re-organizing the garage.


Oops, that’s another lie. One can’t re-organize what was never once organized. Thanks to some new wiring, there’s now a power strip over my workbench — a workbench I can see for the first time. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to get a bunch of hangy thingies and hang them off the pegboards, then hang the handtools on the hangy thingies for the out-of-the-way hanginess. (That last sentence should serve as a warning against watching an entire season of Buffy in just four nights. But what’s a fan to do when he’s never seen Season 4 and it just came out on DVD?) Anyway. Even the weedwhacker and the hedge trimmer are off the shelves and hanging on a wall, with a wall-mounted basket for the pair of 18-volt batteries that came with them. I’ve been a busy boy.

Especially since I’ve been to Home Depot


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