A Quick Word on Boycotts

Last week I mentioned that Melissa and I are skipping what few French products we used to buy. Gone is brie and Camembert and that lovely, inexpensive Beaujolais which goes so well with chicken.


And, yeah, that’s in direct opposition to something I wrote last month: “I’m not a supporter of boycotts, because they usually hurt the boycotters more than the boycottees (a word that reminds me of canned pasta products).”

So, as someone wrote, what’s up with that?

Simple. I’m being silly and a little mean-spirited. I fully expect us to miss French wines a lot more than any French vintners will miss us. I don’t expect Chirac to come to his senses, exclaiming, “Mon dieu! I did not know Monsieur and Mademoiselle Green felt so strongly! I have been ze fool.” Nope, I don’t expect or hope or even pray to accomplish anything even remotely useful.

But neither did France in opposing us at the UN. Le tit pour le tat.


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