They Like Us, They Really Like Us

Who is still fighting us in Iraq? Well, it ain’t the Iraqis. Read Jim Dunnigan:

The resistance to coalition forces remains to be largely foreigners, the “mujahadeen” (“holy warriors”) who have come to Iraq to “oppose the Christian crusaders who are making war on Islam.” Many of these clueless kids have wised up after talking with Iraqis, but a lot of them are beyond any reason and determined to die for the cause. American troops are accommodating them, but this also causes coalition casualties as well. These losses are still running about eight casualties per division per day, as they have throughout the three week war. Suicide attacks will continue, but the people doing this are largely freelancers. Lacking the support teams that make suicide attacks so devastating elsewhere in the Middle East (especially Israel), the Iraqi suicide operations will continue to be much less effective.


So two groups of foriegners are fighting each other in Iraq. One group represents the kind of Islamist fanaticism which never did take root in Iraq. The other group just toppled the despised dictator. Wonder which side the Iraqi people will support?

Iraq ain’t gonna become the West Bank, kids.


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