Here’s how some of our Russian friends are helping us:

An unusual action was organized in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg: now citizens of the city and from the nearby districts can dial 002 and call US President George W. Bush in the White House. The organizers of the action say that in the network of the campaign, 987 calls to the White House have been already made and 112 people talked to an official from the US Presidential administration.

One of Yekaterinburg paging companies was the organizer of the action; officials of the company say, any citizen can call the White House in Washington, DC, absolutely free of charge. This is done for people to express their opinion concerning the US-led war campaign in Iraq.


Gee, I wonder what opinion they’re hoping their readers will express? Certainly, we can expect nothing but praise and encouragement from the impoverished citizens of a former superpower who lost it all in a 50-year war with us.

NOTE: Thanks to Michael Johannsen for the link to Pravda’s English-language site.


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