A Better Choice?

From Fox News:

The expected exodus of refugees from Iraq has yet to materialize, U.N. officials said Friday, but cautioned that it may be too early in the 2-day-old U.S.-led invasion to tell how bad things may become.


On the other hand, you’d expect we’d be seeing huge refugee columns streaming out of Baghdad to the west, from Kirkuk and Tikrit to the north, and Basra to the south.

Where are the refugees?

What does it mean when people would rather endure American bombing than leave their homes? If, as some fear, our smart bombs aren’t hitting their targets, you’d expect word to travel fast and people to pack up and head to safety. But even after two nights of heavy bombing, the vast majority of Iraqis are staying put.

As of now, it seems the people of Iraq would rather sit it out and await their liberation.


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