Pure Speculation II

Getting out of the shower an hour ago, I heard on FNC that our intel guys weren’t picking up much chatter from Iraqi units or leadership.

That’s an important indicator for two reasons.


The first reason is obvious, and we’ve talked about it here before. No chatter means enemy HQs aren’t relaying any orders to the troops in the field. No orders means no action, other than pre-determined battle plans by any units foolish enough to engage us. But engage us where? We’re moving faster than any army in history, and it’s awfully hard to hit something moving a hundred miles a day.

The second reason helps explain the first. There’s also little communications going up the chain of command. Individual Iraqi soldiers can’t find us (or are turning a blind eye), so they aren’t relaying any intel to their lieutenants and captains. Lacking any information, the captains can’t tell the majors or colonels anything much, who don’t say anything to the generals, who can’t make any reports to the political leadership (if any is left).


Orders aren’t going down because intel isn’t going up. Saddam and his Ba’ath Party are deaf and blind, which helps tell us why they’ve also gone dumb.

Not that they were ever that bright in the first place.

If any history buffs can tell me of any battle ever where enemy communications were so effectively shut down as they are today in Iraq, I’d love to hear of it. I’ve been scratching my head for an hour now, and can’t come up with anything.


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