Not Getting It Department

Will Saletan likes a fair fight:

I’m glad we won’t have to meet that threat in our cities. But watching our guys pummel their guys in their capital with impunity makes me wonder how grave the threat to us really was. The Iraq-al-Qaida connection was always the weakest part of Bush’s case against Saddam. The U.N. Security Council is gutless, and I hope one of those bunker busters took Saddam right in the chops. But forgive me if in its first hours this doesn’t look like a war of self-defense.


Will, all Saddam had to do to avoid this war was follow the 1991 ceasefire agreement, and 18 supporting UN resolutions. That’s all. If you don’t like the results, take it up with him. Meantime, spare us your concerns about how lopsided this campaign is.

Or at least how lopsided it is this early in the game.


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