No Words Can Say

Kevin Ditmore writes:

Dear Stephen,

I am a life long conservative republican. I supported Ronald Reagen and his defense policies, the first Gulf War, the War to liberate Afghanistan, and the current War in Iraq(I was too young to understand Vietnam). But I must say something happened 24 hrs ago which caused me to seriously consider withdrawing my support. My son was deployed from Germany to Kuwait.

We knew this was coming, we were prepared for it (we thought). However the actual event had a very profound effect on me. My wife called me at work in tears, I did not have to ask her why, she simply said “he will be there in 15 hours”. I have always been a steadfast hawk, you can ask any of my friends or acquaintances, but this is my son. He could be killed, how could I support an endeavor which could take his life? Trust me it was a long night last night.

However I awoke this morning with a clarity in my thoughts. How could I expect other peoples sons and daughters to go and risk their lives and not expect the same of my family, who did I think America was to rely on for this dangerous task? I was a fool. I now support this war more than ever, although it has become a much more personal event than I ever imagined.

I greatly admire your writing and hope this will give you another perspective.

Kevin Ditmore
Canon City, Colorado


Thank you, Kevin. And even bigger thanks to your son.


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