. . .Any Club That Would Have Us as a Member

In today’s NRO, Wayne Merry argues that it’s time for NATO to go-go:

Are there not still dangers from Russia to justify NATO? Dangers, yes, in the form of drug-resistant disease strains, organized crime, demographic and environmental collapse, and the potential of a failed state. Here, NATO is worse than useless, encouraging East European governments to buy fighter aircraft rather than learn how to protect their frontiers against non-traditional enemies, including terrorism.


It’s true that Paris and Berlin want to sell Typhoons to Poland, rather than help them deal with the Russian mafiyas. It’s also true that the threat NATO was originally designed to counter is long gone and unlikely to return. And it can’t be denied that the North Atlantic Council has become just another forum for reining in the US, rather than helping protect our interests.

But I just don’t like the idea of being driven out of a club we founded.

So don’t kill NATO; replace it.



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