Protest, But No Counter-Protest Allowed

More tolerance and understanding in our universities:

Texas A&M University has suspended the prestigious Ross Volunteer Honor Corps association, a select honored division of the Texas A&M Corps, for allegedly harassing anti-war protestors at a candlelight vigil on February 3. The vigil held in the center of campus by 30 professors, community activists, and members of the Aggie Democrats was organized to protest the war against Saddam Hussein.

This vigil followed a protest that was held on the campus earlier that day by many of the same activists, which featured signs such as “Bush is a baby killer” and “Death for Oil.” The “vigil” itself resembled the protest, as signs present included “No Children for Oil.”

Without even holding a hearing, the administration of Texas A&M swiftly imposed a temporary suspension on the Corps group, which serves as the honor guard for the Governor of Texas. A&M administrators are now conducting an investigation. However, in the interim, the cadets will be unable to hold activities.

Chuck Simmins has a strongly-worded reply.