When We Were Young, Gay, and Stupid

Here’s what’s wrong with too much of the organized gay victimhood movement, from a press release International Gay and Lesbian Human Right Commission:


Our position is guided by our sense of solidarity with and accountability to the activists we work with all over the world, and especially those in regions which are greatly impacted by US foreign policies. The US policies of military aggression have served to render those who deviate from sexual and gender norms and people living with HIV/AIDS especially vulnerable to state-sanctioned violence and discrimination.

I don’t mean to say that gays haven’t suffered in this country. But there’s also no denying how far we’ve come, when Will & Grace is a top ten primetime show on a major network — without raising any alarm. In fact, gay bashing has become almost (but not quite) as unacceptable as admitting to be a racist.

Gay adoption, civil unions, and especially gay culture are all quickly becoming social norms. Even our born-again President speaks of HIV/AIDS as a medical and political tragedy, rather than as the wrath of God. Perfect? No. Getting there? Goddamn right.


Now comes along a gay “human rights commission,” in support of Iraq, the Taliban, and, if they play according to type (lefty type, not gay type), Cuba, as well. Perhaps they’re “self-loathing fags” (an expression borrowed from a gay friend on mine way back when) enough to perfer Fidel’s concentration camps for the HIV-afflicted, or to have stone walls toppled on them in Taliban-era Afghanistan. Maybe Saddam is a staunch supporter of gay rights, but he sure hasn’t shown any respect for any other civil liberties.

If you’re gay, be proud. And stop supporting those who arrest, imprison, torture, and murder your brothers and sisters overseas.


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