What Are They Thinking?

I’m listening to the translation of the French UN ambassador’s response to Powell’s address.

Having been given irrefutable evidence that Saddam has never complied with any inspections regime, and given compelling evidence that Saddam has no intention of ever compying, and given hard evidence of Iraqi non-compliance with inspectors, France now want — naturally — more and “stronger” inspections.

France just missed their first chance to change their self-destructive and self-defeating course.

They’ll get about two more, then that’s it — they’ll be dealt completely out of the New Iraq (which I suspect will happen anyway), and they’ll get no help from our Occupation Government in suppressing evidence of French financial, technical, and material support in Iraqi terror weapons development.

Two more chances. One on Friday, another whenever the UN holds another vote. They still have enough wiggle room to make the switch believable , so don’t count them out yet.