Gone By Monday

Peggy Noonan bunts.

It is hard to believe that Trent Lott meant to suggest that segregation was OK. It’s hard to believe any modern American would think that. But he left his remarks open to that interpretation.

“Open to interpretation”? Peggy, it’s nice of you to conclude by saying you think Lott should step aside, but that phrase of yours is (un?)characteristically wiggly.

Lott said, quite plainly, that the US would have far fewer troubles if Strom Thurmond — running on the issue of permanent segregation — had been elected in 1948. How many interpretation is that open to? (Er, to how many interpretations is that open?) Especially given Lott’s well-documented life-long flirtation with Confederate and white supremacist groups?

Yes, Peggy, Lott has got to go. Along with him, let’s toss out Republican prevarication on race, shall we?