Inch By Inch (Millimeter By F-ing Millimeter)

Jim Hoagland writes to Saddam:

This is the week you sealed your fate. Your 12,000-page whitewash on weapons of mass destruction you have known and loved gives the Bush team a decent shot at securing a second Security Council resolution authorizing the use of force against you. Having to defend that mess of a report should embarrass even the Russians and the French.

Yes, we’re going to go back to the Security Council. Yes, we’ll prostrate ourselves before the SC, so they can give us permission we don’t need to do what needs to be done to salvage their reputation (along with our security). Yes, the process will be overly long, demeaning, and beneath our status as both the hyperpower and the injured party.

Yes, it’s going to be as frustrating as a sober prom date determined to keep her virture.

But that’s the road we’re on, and, like it or not, we’re unlikely to find a reasonable shortcut. The final destination, however, remains the same.

And that’s probably what’s so goddamn frustrating about the whole useless process — having to jump through other people’s hoops in order to get their approval to do what they secretly want us to do, anyway.

NOTE: Bonus points to whichever geeks can identify from where I stole the headline to this post.