Target-Rich Virtual Environment

I haven’t bothered weighing in on this week’s Doonesbury blogfest, because it just hasn’t been funny. And that’s a criminal waste of cartoon space.


Let’s face it — blogs are ripe for tweaking. And, no, I’m not excluding this site.

The blogoshere is mostly big egos, small readerships, and craptacular writing. (Not on your site, of course, but that other guy’s page is really awful, huh?) I long for the day when somebody really does us up right. Neal Pollack comes close, but he’s just too insufferably smug. If he’d poke fun of himself half as much as he does Sullivan, I’d nominate the man for a Pulitzer. I suppose that’s part of the joke, but it just doesn’t tickle my funnybone.

(Improv comic, circa 1993: “So what’s with the funnybone, huh? It’s not a bone, and it isn’t even funny. Am I right, people?”)

That aside, today’s Doonesbury installment made me smile a bit. Maybe if he tries again next week, he can get some real laughs.

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