Yellow Alert

If ABC sells its news division to AOL Time Warner to create ABCNN (which I doubt), the resulting revenue might be enough to keep the network afloat another year past its expiration date.

And I really don’t expect ABC to maintain a credible primetime presence for more than another two or three years. Four, tops.

Look, I’m an advertiser’s dream. I have a good income, watch some quality shows (about one hour a night, on average through the week), an into home repair, have a wife, want to have a kid in the next year or two, and really, truly enjoy disposing of my disposable income.

But I don’t think I’ve watched an ABC primetime program since the early Nineties. And I’m not the only one. Hell, I even watch UPN and WB — but no ABC.

And advertisers know it.

You watch CBS if you’re old, and NBC if you’re cosmopolitan. Fox is TV’s Alterna-Pop. UPN is for geeks and the WB for young hipsters.

What does that leave ABC? Nothin’ but leftovers.