Baby Killers II

Frank Martin writes:

People need to stop and think that we are the only country in the history of mankind who has the ability to choose just how far we will go in fighting our enemies. If we were really as evil as “the left” would have people believe, we would use just one of our 12 OHIO class nuclear submarines to destroy the majority of Islamic populations centers between morocco and malaysia. We havent chosen to do that, not because it wouldnt work or because we couldnt do it, but because we are as a civilization ( Gasp!) humane. We choose to put our citizen-soldiers at risk of death to protect from the greater potential of the death “civilians” even if those civilians are people markedly unfriendly to us and our aims.

We could kill them in vast numbers. We have simply chosen not to. That should count for something. I also think people should consider what would happen if the situation was reversed.

Midday September 11, I remember thinking, “Please, please don’t let the President lose his temper.” The last thing anyone needed, no matter how just the rage, was for nuclear missiles to be loosed from their silos, tracing ballistic curves to the capitals of the Middle East.

All it would have taken was four short phone calls (to Moscow, Beijing, London, and Pairs) and one angry order to STRATCOM.

The morning of September 12, when the moment of fiercest rage had passed without a nuclear strike, was an almost religious experience.