Why Ask What For?

“But… but… but what if other countries, countries somehow even worse than ours, use the Bush Doctrine as justification to preemptively invade their neighbors? Millions dead!”


I’ll put this nicely: Bullshit.

What, right now, prevents any nation, other than the US, from doing exactly what they please?

Serbia invaded Croatia and Bosnia. Palestinians blow up Jews. Libya thrusts into Chad (which could be a gay porn title). India and Pakistan wave nukes at each other, while encouraging one another’s minorities to commit barbarous acts. Turkey invades Cypress. China and Vietnam have at it. North Korea lobs missiles over the South. Eritrea and Ethiopia go their separate ways, then go after each other’s throats. Morocco annexes Western Sahara. Russia bombs Georgia. Iraq invades Kuwait. Iraq invades Iran. Damn near everybody invades Congo. And everybody kills the Jews, to paraphrase Tom Lehrer.

We must be the only nation in the world to ever bother first asking for permission before defending our interests.

Of the slaughters that have been prevented or stopped in the last 50 years, damn near all of them have been prevented or stopped by American force of arms. Remember when the Warsaw Pact invaded West Germany? Remember how North Korea annexed the rest of the peninsula? Have any horrible memories of China


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