Tom Clancy Droolfest -- Cancelled?

Thanks to the ever-watchful Lloyd Albano for the heads-up.

Frank Gaffney says the Marine Corps long-delayed V-22 Osprey is salvagable.

If you don’t remember, the V-22 is the tiltrotor turboprop that could revolutionize amphibious assaults. But the damn things keep crashing.

Look, I’m a huge supporter of the tiltrotor concept. I didn’t sleep for two days, just to see how the M-100 tiltrotor, rail-gun armed, enemy-frying aircraft would play out in Ralph Peters’ The War in 2020 way back in 1991.

But that doesn’t mean the Osprey is the right airframe — and Gaffney doesn’t provide any hard data showing that the thing can be made safe enough to be effective.

I’m still unconvinced.