Playground Manners

Janet Reno conceded the Florida Democratic Gubernatorial nomination to Bill McBride. I wasn’t going to say anything about this, just enjoy the quiet satisfaction of watching her lose.


In my mind, Reno is the killer of religious minorities, and the kidnapper of a motherless child. She belongs in jail, not on the ballot. This site said ages ago she wouldn’t be Florida’s next governor.

Then I heard her concession speech a little while ago, and it stuck in my head.

She said the obligatory nice thing or two about her opponent, but then quickly forgot all about McBride. Normally, one thanks ones supporters for all their tireless efforts, then promises to help the nominee win the election come November.

Instead, Reno promised to help McBride fix the election system that Jeb Bush is supposedly responsible for making into such a joke.

Forget for the moment that Miami and Dade counties (where most of the vote problems were encountered) are controlled by Democrats. Also try not to remember that the county governments were warned weeks ago that the new system wasn’t up to snuff. Those points don’t matter.

What Reno said was basically, “I promise to help the nominee look into why I’m not the nominee.”

Have you ever seen such a poor loser?


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