Mike Daley found this little goody buried in a Knight-Ridder Washington Bureau story:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., just back from Europe, said she detected growing opposition to the United States among America’s allies. “The driver of a lot of this animus,” she said, “is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To leave this unresolved and to attack an Arab country is going to be viewed as an attack on the Arab world.”

She said the anti-American sentiment was so strong that she felt it personally.

“As an American, I have always been proud,” Feinstein said. “I have a (U.S. flag) pin. I was embarrassed to wear it.”


That there is strong anti-Americanism in Western Europe comes as no surprise. What should shock you is a United States Senator, in time of war, backing down in the face of it.

NOTE: I started off on a mini-rant, but thought better of it, but allow me to inflict one line on you. “For the elected representitive of a nation created in defiance of European authoritarianism and decadence, to give one whit of thought as to their opinion of her love of country, is a literal slap in the face to every self-respecting citizen who voted for her.”


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