Major Blogrollage

The blogosphere lost it’s go-to guy for links and What’s Hot when Glenn went back on vacation. Then Lileks got busy on his new book, which I, for one, will be buying; it sounds like marvelous fun. And while I’m not up there with those guys, I hate to report to my delightfully addicted readership that I’ll be blogging half as much most of the time from now until the wedding.


But fear not! There are lots of excellent blogs out there you should be reading more often. Mike Hendrix is The Man when you want a six pack of truth. Read Juan Gato for an honest belly laugh. And, of course, Dawn Olsen can make you comfortably squirmy — now that she’s back from Hawaii, bitch.

See all those links on the left? I try to visit each one of them every single day. They’re all good — that’s why they’re linked.

So quit complaining and check’em all out already.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention a couple things. First, unless there’s a war on, summer is just a slow news time. August will be worse, what with Congress in recess and the President (I imagine) back in Crawford. And in case you’re wondering, his Crawford ranch is certainly wired well enough to run a shooting war in Iraq, so don’t let a “vacation” fool you.


Secondly, even if he weren’t working on his new book, Lileks would have earned a two-week reprieve from blogging just for using the phrase “Bergen-Belsen whistles” last week. That turn of phrase was so viciously beautiful that I damn near wet myself. I’d link to it in case you missed that particular Bleat, but Lileks left us without a way to access his archives.

Cruel, man, just cruel.


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