If You're Wondering About the Lack of Posts. . .

. . .It’s a slow news day. While I was getting out of the shower, FoxNews did a puff piece on what you can get buying an RV. Maybe once I get the new car paid off — and the kids we haven’t had through college.


The big story today, of course, is Bush’s Wall Street speech on corporate accountability — but even that is a non-story. Look, we know exactly what’s going to happen.

Bush makes the proper political noises. Democrats say it isn’t quite enough. The Leahy Bill (I think that’s the right one!) will pass the Senate in pretty much its current form, then get watered down a bit in conference with the House.

Most shockingly, the President will then sign it in a dignified Rose Garden ceremony, flanked by the appropriate House and Senate leaders, and perhaps a few well-chosen wise-yet-chastened business leaders.

Like a Kabuki dance, but with less improvisation, all this will happen over the next two-three weeks, just in time for August recess and some serious midterm campaigning.

Anything else going on?


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