A Little V&V

Please, read this Lawrence Henry column. It’s not often I endorse every word someone writes (give me enough time, I’ll disown most of my own blogspring), but his column today is classic stuff.


Any of us ordinary folks would be horrified actually to have to be Steven Spielberg or Rosie O’Donnell or Howard Fineman or Christiane Amanpour twenty-fours a day, seven days a week. And most of the time, what most of us want to say to the whole sodding bunch of them, politicians, celebrities, commentators, newsies, and all, is this:

Shut up. Go away. Take a hike. Give it a rest.

Sound like something you might read here? Damn right. So check it out there and report back here.

NOTE: Only the very most alert readers will understand the headline reference. Just a little something to make you feel like an insider amongst all the new readers.

You’re welcome.


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