Riddle It To Death and Back

So we want democracy for the Palestinians. Fine. Um. . . so how do we get from there (homicidal death cult under bureaucratic tyranny) to there (something we can tolerate)? Nathan Sharansky has a program. Forgive the lengthy excerpt, but this is important.


The first step would be the establishment of an international coordinating body. This organization, headed by the United States, and including those Arab states that recognize Israel, will be responsible for establishing a Palestinian Administrative Authority (PAA) to administer the areas under Palestinian control during a three-year transition period. Israel involvement in this process will be limited to a right to veto candidates to the PAA who have been connected to terrorist activities against Israel.

The PAA will be responsible for administering the day-to-day lives of the Palestinians in matters such as the economy, law enforcement and education. Israel will be responsible for security and freedom of passage in all of the West Bank, and will retain the right to set up transition zones and buffer zones to prevent the resurgence of terror activities.

The PAA will be expected to develop the infrastructure for Palestinian democratic life. This must include formulating new educational programs that inculcate values of peace rather than terror, securing freedom of political, social and religious association, and guaranteeing freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The distribution of international aid and assistance will be dependent on ensuring these freedoms.

The coordinating body will dismantle all Palestinian refugee camps, and a normal existence will be offered for those evacuated from the camps. Arab countries, with assistance from the United Nations, will finance this effort. An international fund will be established to create and finance industrial zones, infrastructure projects, and other economic activities in the PAA.

After a three-year transition period, free elections will be held in the areas administered by the PAA. Israel will then negotiate the terms of a permanent peace with the elected representatives of the Palestinian people.


There it is. A solid plan. Now let’s pick holes in it and make it better. What’ve you got?


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