Jonah and Micky, Together at Last

Jonah Goldberg says that to know Al Gore is to love voting for someone, anyone else.

I think Gore would lose in the primaries, even if he weren’t the weird man he is. His only two issues -the war on terrorism and the ongoing business scandals -are great for any Democrat but him. Unfortunately, both al-Qaida’s rise and big business’ irrational exuberance for financial chicanery took hold while he was the No. 2 man in the White House.

But the real reason Gore is toast is that he’s Gore. He says his real mistake was to allow his handlers to deprive the voters of a look at the “real” Gore. This explanation, its stunning arrogance and blame-passing notwithstanding, is endearing. It’s an oddly human reaction for such a notoriously odd human. But that doesn’t make it true.


Frankly, I hope Al runs again, and I hope he runs with a lot of money. A whole lot of money. Enough money to stay running in the Democratic primaries the whole way through — and not win a single state.


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