Part Two In Just a Minute

Two blogger columns in today’s Tech Central Station. Here’s the first.

Kesher Talk‘s Howard Fienberg asks the timeless question, “Could college students possibly be as stupid as they were 35 years ago?” Well, maybe Howard asks it a little nicer. Here are more results from that war poll from last week:

Respondents were quite positive about the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Of the half who were asked if the war was “moral or immoral,” 62.9 percent agreed that it was moral (and only 21.4 percent disagreed). Of the other half, asked if the war was “just or unjust,” 72.2 percent called it just (and only 15.3 percent disagreed). Also, while the results don’t show a student body wildly supportive of missile defense, 58.4 percent support in some fashion “the development of a missile defense system.”

In addition, student respondents seem to overwhelmingly support American action against Iraq “because Saddam Hussein is still attempting to build weapons of mass destruction.” Again two groups of respondents answered two different questions. Of the first half, queried if the U.S. had “the right to invade Iraq,” 66.8 percent responded yes. Meanwhile, of the other half that was asked if the U.S. had “the right to overthrow Saddam Hussein,” an even greater 78.4 percent said the U.S. did indeed have the right.

Now, maybe that’s just youthful rebellion against their Baby Boomer parents’ mush-headed thinking — but I don’t think so. Still, I’d feel a lot better if the today’s kids would pull up their pants and crank up the volume on something with a melody. Please.