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The Great Issue of Our Time -- AKA "Duh"

It's been so long since I said something nice about Mort Kondracke, that you're forgiven for not remembering that I hold him in the highest regard. Clench your teeth and read this:

It may be politically risky, but Congress owes it to the country to question President Bush's new doctrine of pre-emptive military action against countries such as Iraq.

And it needs to question, too, the administration's strategy for ousting President Saddam Hussein to make sure that it's successful.

It also remains politacally risky for Congess to debate gravity -- but that hardly makes me less likely to fall off my barstool tomorrow night.

In all seriousness. . . oh, to hell with all seriousness. Kondracke was short of ideas today and decided to pluck some easy pickings because he knows what his audience expects.

Although this small segment of his audience expected much better.