People Suck Part #1,000,006

KL Snyder sends this in from

A McKeesport man with a history of child abuse allegations told police he threw his girlfriend’s 16-month-old baby into an empty tub and shook him, slamming the child’s head, because the baby had soiled his diaper, Allegheny County detectives said Thursday.

James M. Ferree, 41, is now in the county jail on a charge of criminal homicide after little James Walsh Jr. died in UPMC McKeesport hospital from his injuries.


Earlier today, I stated my practical distate for the death penalty, except in the most extreme of cases. A baby is murdered, it was done on purpose by a known child abuser, and he has admitted his guilt.

Case closed. Not only do I support lethal injection for this guy, but I support doing it into his eyes.


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