Happy Trails

Sarge is on a roll — right before he rolls out of the Ozarks and into Cali.

Culture shock, man, culture shock.

Anyway, Paul wonders why there haven’t been any decent Air Force movies for fifty years, especially with all the good material the Air Force has to offer:


Well, its got me …and tons of pretty women and munitions that make big boom. Sex and ‘Splosions: right there’s your movie. A young fighter jet mechanic living it up in the dorms suddenly gets shipped off to Shitsfrappalappadingdongastan and learns the true meaning of life or some melodramatic shit like that. Featuring big explosions, hot action and a soundtrack with hits by Rob Zombie and Dido. If you want, we’ll throw in a forbidden relationship between the ‘Splosions.

There’s more. Much more. And several other posts all worth your time.

Drive safe, Paul.


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