All the Nukes That's Fit to Print

Arafat could stop the terrorists, if he were really wanted to, and/or were really in charge. How do I know? Because Pakistani President Musharraf, even with a renegade intelligence agency to deal with, has managed to almost completely halt terrorist incursions into India-controlled Kashmir.


India said yesterday that it has noticed a significant drop in infiltration of militants from across Pakistan into Kashmir and held out the hope of withdrawing troops from its border in two months. “So far as trans-border terrorism is concerned there has been considerable decline,” Defense Minister George Fernandes told reporters.

Why did Musharraf decide to act like a grown up and do the right thing for his neighbor? Because his neighbor, India, has a great big stick — a good army and a bunch of nukes — and the willingness to use it.

Arafat really ought to understand that he can only push the Israelis so far before they have to get just as serious as India.


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