Keep Coming Back -- and Tell Your Friends

Sometime Tuesday we cruised through 300,000 page views and 172,000 visits. Not too shabby for a small site with no budget, no big contacts, and a self-defeating enjoyment of pissing of its readers.


Also, I’ve opened up my stats. You can click on the counter (below the search function on the left there) and see the same numbers I do. Oh, and since I have a fixed IP (thank you, broadband!) my own hits to the site are not counted, and haven’t been since Day One.

Thanks for coming.

UPDATE: You’ll notice my daily numbers and annual averages don’t match. Simple — this site took three months to really get rolling, and it’s only been here since January 10. The averages are catching up. A typical weekday sees about 2,000+ visits and 4,000+ page views. I rarely post weekends and so numbers are much lower.

The stat I’m proudest of is average time. Even having been gone for much of April and a bit of May, the average visitor stays for more than three and a half minutes. And that number really should be much higher, but the hit counter has no way of measuring how long people stay if they don’t click on my links — so a majority of readers (see my “details” page) are measured has having visited for zero seconds.

And the best part? I keep you here that long, even though every post gives you a reason and a way to click over somewhere else.



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