Blogathon Update

Some blogs I read because they’re essential. Could we function without Professor Reynolds? Could we smile or fume properly without Lileks?

Other blogs are for the selfish pleasure of reading good works written for no reason other than the writer’s selfish pleasure of having written them. You people know who you are.


Two of them will be participating in the Blogathon.

File 13’s Laurence Simon is raising money for Magen David Adom, the Israeli version of Red Cross. They’re the first civillians in when the bombs go off.

Sue Lizano of Get Your Drawers On (sigh) will be going at it for 24 straight hours for The Care Team Network. They provide all sorts of wonderful medical attention for those who need it.

Sulizano, I think, must have named her blog in my honor, since I’m usually blogging in my bathrobe.

And the ever-randy Dawn Olsen of Up Yours will be doing her thang for chicks, naturally. More specifically, the Global Fund for Women. They work to improve Third World women’s economic literacy and access to education.

That reminds me of the time I tried to help at the St. Louis Home for Wayward Women, but they wouldn’t let me bring any home.

Anyway, who did I miss? If you’re blogging for charity (other than the Booze Fund), I’ll almost certainly plug it.


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