Fire Report

I’d been stuck in the house most of the day, working on business and making arrangements for the time we’ll be gone on the honeymoon.

So it wasn’t until I left for my scuba lessons (odd coincidence, Glenn?) that I saw the Fire Weather. I’d never seen such a thing.


Intellectually, I knew the afternoon rain and hail we’d been getting for a week was due to the Hayman Fire. The much heat shifts the winds around, pulling moisture up from south and west, and making for some lively t-storms. But that’s not Fire Weather.

Fire Weather is when the winds change again, giving you a taste of what they get in Hayman. There are no clouds, but you can’t see the sky. There’s no heat, but you smell smoke. You can’t see any fire, but all your senses tell you it has to be somewhere. Your eyes sting.

Leaving the dive shop after dark, it’s even spookier, and in a way I can’t describe. But I don’t recommend it.


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