Same Song, Different Singer

R. Emmett Tyrell on why federal re-organization is so important:

The terrorists lack the Soviets’ might but they also lack the Soviets’ essential sanity.


In other words, Stalin might steal our nuke plans and to swallow Poland whole, but he could still be counted on to act in the USSR’s best interests — by not threatening our interests too directly.

So why the Cold War comparison? Simple. Post-WWII Soviet might forced us, for the first time, to join entangling foreign alliances, and engage the world full-time. It will never be possible (some libertarian wet dreams notwithstanding) to withdraw from the world, but our current apparatus is designed for a Cold War, not a War on Islamism.

Let’s just hope this war takes less than 45 years, because the dangers to our liberties may be even more pronounced this time around.


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