Signs and Portents

One of the joys of going home every summer is drive through Kansas. Sure, it’s hot and muggy, but at least it’s boring as hell. The stretch from Lymon, Colorado to Topeka, Kansas is 450 of the worst miles of American highway. The only view of any interest is Fort Riley, home of the 24th Infrantry Division.


Driving past on I-70, you can usually see a ton of HUMVEEs and deuce-and-a-halfs, some Apaches sometimes, and maybe even as few Bradleys or Abrahms — right out front near the highway.

I made that drive twice in April, and Riley looked damn near like a ghost town. The 24th served in Gulf War I, and is our premiere mechanized divisions, expected to perform in any encore.

Why bring this up now? Let’s look at some other items.

President Bush, in seeming contradiction to his doveish Secretary of State, announces that there is no near hope for Middle East peace.

The muzzle has been removed from Pentagon hawk Paul Wolfowitz.

Israel moves against Arafat, this time without so much as the sound of one hand wringing in Washington.

Meanwhile, the arsenal we expended in Afghanistan is moving quickly back to wartime levels.

I believe in coincidence. I believe that some things really do “just happen.” We just don’t know if all these little details mean anything.

But they sure as hell could.


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