Department of the Obvious

On the heels of the recent Rachel Carson teardown over at Reason, ABC’s John Stossel is ready to do his bit to put scare science in its place on the next edition of 20/20.


You may have heard that 1,600 scientists signed a letter warning of
“devastating consequences.” But I bet you hadn’t heard that 17,000
scientists signed a petition saying there’s “no convincing evidence” that
greenhouse gases will disrupt the Earth’s climate.

Pat Michaels of the University of Virginia says scientists have an
incentive to scare people.

“Let’s imagine there’s a Senate hearing. The senator who disburses the
funds goes to the administrator of NASA and says, ‘I’ve heard global
warming is the most serious problem confronting mankind. Can your agency
use another $2 billion a year to study this thing?’ What’s he going to
say? ‘No?'”

Priceless. This site has never endorsed watching a TV news program (at least not while sober), but Friday’s 20/20 may be an exception.

The question I have is, Will his producers make Stossel tone it down again?


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