Red Hot Update

Red Cross could also use some help. Here’s the contact info:

The American Red Cross is assisting and may be reached at (719) 748-3911 or 748-8215.

Jefferson County – Elk Creek Elementary is now changed to Chatfield High School 7227 S. Simms cross Freemont, Littleton 303-982-3670

Teller County – Woodland Park High School, 151 N. Baldwin 719-331-3645

Douglas County – Sedalia Elementary School, 5449 Huxtable St. 303-814-4735

Park County – Lake George Elementary, Hwy 24 in Lake George 719-748-3911


There’s no panic, no rush. But if you live in one of those four affected counties, write down the appropriate number, and keep an eye on the news.


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