Dogs and CATS Living Irradiated Together

The Washington Times confirms it — lots of people would die in a South Asia nuclear exchange.

In assessing the harm a nuclear, chemical or biological attack could inflict, Mr. Rumsfeld’s analysts at the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency employ sophisticated computer models.
The agency’s Consequences Assessment Tool Set (CATS) is designed to capture the scope of the danger facing the two sides.
Last week, a reporter and a graphic artist from The Washington Times used a computer terminal of a CATS system to attempt to gauge what would happen if nuclear war were to break out in South Asia.
The system, comparable to the one used by the Pentagon, was made available by the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Media and Public Policy, but the scenarios and analyses for this article were done by The Times.
Factoring in weather conditions, the size and type of the nuclear missile used, the population at the target site, and the delivery method employed, the software produces detailed tallies of the likely casualties at ground zero, as well as the projected damage from nuclear fallout.


What I want to know is, does anyone have a link to this CATS thing?

UPDATE: Very Smart Reader Suzie Nolan has everything you need to know about CATS right here. Was I being optimistic hoping for a downloadable shareware version?


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