After Action Report

In an unsigned article, someone at StrategyPage covers the lessons learned in Afghanistan by the Marines.

Among them:

– The accuracy and constant availability of precision bombing (especially JDAM) made it possible to do a lot of fighting without artillery. This was a first for an operation on this scale.

– More UAVs are needed, at all levels. The marines have been pursuing this since the Gulf War, but lack the money to do it on their own. For something like this, they need the army to take the lead so the marines can buy the UAVs developed at a price the marines can afford. The experience in Afghanistan has convinced everyone (including the air force) that UAVs are the way to go.

– The marines couldn’t help pointing out that if they had their long delayed V-22 transport, operations would have been speeded up considerably. The marines feel, with some justification, that the V-22 (which was made for operations like this), Kandahar might have fallen a month earlier and support for all allied troops in Afghanistan would have been more effective.


There’s a lot more, and all of it interesting. Not to mention useful for the next campaign against Saddam. Check it out.


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