No Girly Girls Here

Mike Hendrix on Tough Chicks, and why I’m going to marry one:

A Tough Chick has the annoying yet endearing quality of being able to grab any of your hats, no matter what type, put it on herself, and instantly look way cooler than you ever did in it. She can pull off all sorts of ordinary or unusual clothing combinations with style and panache. She makes anything look good. If she wears jeans and a baby-tee, she’s cute. If she wears leather jeans and a ripped-up cowboy shirt tied across her midriff, she’s hot as hell. If she wears a strapless evening gown with a corsage, she’s unexpectedly dazzling and radiant. You will sometimes feel like a hapless schlub next to her.


Tough Chicks, you know who you are. But you — and everyone else — should read Mike’s testament.

Just one quibble, Mike. Next to Melissa, I always feel like a hapless schlub.


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