What Are You Doing, Dave?

Dave Tepper just did… something. And he did it to Atlas Shrugged.

Dave calls his… thing… an Epicurean version of Rand’s More-Moral-Than-Thou tome, but I think maybe only if Epicurious had been watching too much Dynasty.


“Dagny discovers that Rearden metal makes for great handcuffs.”

You want to read it now, don’t you? And it’s about 1,383 pages shorter.

It’s this afternoon’s Required Reading. Check it out.

NOTE: I still pick up my copy of Rand’s Big Book O’ Fun every couple of years and give it a thorough reading. Yeah, it’s humorless and pedantic. But Atlas has an amazing structure, cogent points to make on morals & money — and I find myself missing Hank and Dagny now and then.


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