Curiouser and Curiouser

Got Google? A Google Toolbar, I mean. It’s a little program that installs a little Google search utility bar right under the address area of your browser window.


I installed mine ages ago, and use it constantly.

It also installs a cute little button that shows your page’s importance on a 1-10 scale, based on the Google formula. MSN rates a nine. Drudge gets a seven. I always rated a six.

Until recently. Hell, not even Instapundit shows up as rated here.

Hell, when I look up Google’s cached image of VodkaPundit, it shows my freakin’ error page. And that page has never been posted to the best of my knowledge.

So is Google fudging the numbers to prevent more Googlebombs? Are they slighting the bloggers?

Does anyone have an answer?

UPDATE: After a couple weeks without, Google rankings are back up — partly. I’ve got mine, Glenn is still missing his. Curiouser, indeed.


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