B-52s Can Induce Insomnia

Yeah, it looks like we let Osama get away. Again.

But fear not, kids!

Sure, it would be nice to see OBL as the star of a major international motion funeral. His head would make a lovely decoration on the pike of your choice. Frankly, I’d enjoying seeing exactly which orifices of his I could fit a red-hot fire poker into.


But if I had a choice between killing Osama ten years from now, keeping him on the run the whole time — or killing him in just one year, but he’s left in peace those 12 months . . . well, I’ll take the ten years.

So long as he can sit and plan and communicate and meet, then he’s dangerous. So long as he’s running away, he’s probably harmless.

And I’m pretty damn sure he hasn’t slept in the same cave two nights in a row since October.

Assuming, of course, he’s been able to sleep at all.


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