Things I Know But Cannot Prove

Vodka is better than gin.
Girls are the best thing since sliced toast.
I need a Mercedes CLK55 Cabrio.
Prince is the result of early cloning experiments involving DNA from Jimi Hendrix and every member of Sly & the Family Stone.
There are few things more boring than discussing the Apostles.
Except Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
If forced to attend Bible studies in Cedar Rapids, suicide becomes acceptable.
There really are nice, polite, thoughtful French people.
Some French people will resent being placed so close to the words “Cedar Rapids.”
James Joyce was a lousy writer.
Dave Barry is smarter than Tom Friedman.
Glenn Reynolds brutalizes dozens of caffiene-addicted pre-law students into scouring the web for items of interest in some sort of bizarre Internet sweatshop.
Weekends were made for most anything but Michelob.
If given a lightsaber, I would use it for good, not evil.
Lileks was sent to us by a loving, beneficent god — (Yes, I’m still an atheist.)
The toes of the self-righteous were made for stepping on.
In certain circles, it is thought that so long as you do enough crystal meth to stay rail thin, and keep that Farrah Fawcett haircut and bleach job, you can find yerself a man!
Guns are cool.
Big guns on tanks are cooler.
Spring is the best season.
Virginia Postrel is the hottest “sensible shoes” libertarian. Ever.
Elvis is dead, and has been since 1977.
Europe has a secret crush on the US.
Ross Perot beats his dog.
Bloggers are good people to party with.
There will never be a better expression than the one on Melissa’s face when she saw the ring.
We’re going to win this war, and without losing our souls.


What do you know but can’t prove?

NOTE: Newer readers, or humans in general, might take “‘sensible shoes’ libertarian” as a slur on Virginia’s wardrobe. Far from it. Nothing to do with clothes at all. Sensible shoes libertarians are real-world reformers. Then there are Combat Boot Libertarians — revolutionaries still clutching dog-earred copies of Atlas Shrugged. And Golf Shoe Libertarians, who are just Republican wanna-be radicals.


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