You Say You Wanna Revolution?

So I take a couple (forced) days off and the world is going to hell in the same spectacular fasion as Jeffrey Dahmer in a leaky barrel laced with pressure sensitive explosives down Niagara Falls, right?


Bush is wobbling so much he’s making Weebles look like Gary Cooper in High Noon,, right?

Sharon is prosecuting this war like The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight, only with Don Knotts in the Bobby DeNiro role, right?

Tom Ridge is pulling a Stonewall Jackson, just to hide the fact that we’re all about to get nuked, right?

Adding insult to injury, the brick-slappable Karenna Gore is thinking of running for offce, right?

Dear god, I mean Ashcroft is about to soil Letterman’s show, right?

Well, there’s nothing to be done about those last two, but from my perch, the world is doing pretty goddamn well right now.

I’m willing to admit that Bush might just be wobbling, although the Prof thinks that more likely than I do. But even if he is, this is the last wobble he’ll get away with. If he screws this up, he gets impeached, and we get Cheny in charge. I’m exaggerating, but not by much.

Besides, Bush is playing rope-a-dope and you should know that. Shame on you.

The last couple days have put me squarely back in Sharon’s corner. He’s gathering enough intelligence to put Arafat in the shit-heap of history. And soon.


Tom Ridge is incompetent. But then, his office is without powers. This naton will never be safe. Never. Deal with it.

Yes, Ashcroft is hell to look at, listen to, deal with. But he’s usually too busy to sing, and he has yet to set any religious minorities on fire or kidnap any foreign kids. So let him do his little schtick on Letterman. I just wouldn’t watch that night, if I were you.

And I’m sure someone will slap Karenna with a brick before her campaign is through.

We’re gonna be alright.

P.S. Stacy worked 36 hours straight to get this site working again. She went above and beyond the call of duty. And she’s available for hire. Everything on this site, other than the text, is her creation, her baby. Hire her.


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