You Can't Arm a Child With Hugs

Norman Mineta, an ineffectual gasbag second only to Tom Ridge, still won’t let pilots carry guns.

We’ve been over this ground before.

Girls should carry guns, because rapists should get shot, not get off. Also, they’re sexy as hell.


Guys should carry guns, because some chicks get PMS and we men talk too much and so we really need some self-defense, too.

Children should not carry guns, because they’re too big for their little hands. Children should carry stilettos.

OK, I’m kidding on that last one, but as John Lott has demonstrated, a population that is both armed and arms-educated, is a safer population. Why does Mineta think this doesn’t hold true in the skies? A lone air marshal can be bluffed out and killed.

A plane with even just a handful of armed passengers is secure — it becomes a hard target, not a soft one.

You would think the guy in charge of protecting our planes would be in favor of that.


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