Nobel Prize for Stupidity

The Nobel committee is a joke and has been for years.

No, I take that back. The Nobel Prize for Peace is, and always has been, by definition a joke. It was founded by Alfred Nobel to ease his guilty conscience for having invented dynamite.


In the sciences, the Nobel Prize means something and always has. Acheivements there are not really subject to debate. Either you figured out the genetic code is twisted in a double helix, or you didn’t.

But peace? Literature? Shit.

A committee, Heinlein said, is a life form with at least six legs and no brain. A Swedish committee is no different, except that it’s also socialist, shivering, and a slave to fashion-think.

So the Nobel Committee wants to revoke Peres’s Peace Prize.

So what?

Not only is the prize a joke in general, but it was a joke to give it to Peres in the first place. Peres was no more worthy than Arafat. The Oslo Accords did more to harm Israeli security — and hence world peace — than anything since the Yom Kippur War. And Peres is as much to blame as Arafat.

So why does it matter if a silly committee takes a worthless prize away from someone who deserved it only marginally more than the other guy? Neither Peres nor Arafat deserve a prize for peace.

And the Nobel Committee deserves even less to present it.



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