My Friday With Kristof

Sullivan and McArdle get Krugman. Nobody takes on Friedman like the Prof.

So I’m stuck with Kristof.

Today — god knows why, he could do this crap from home — Kristof reports from the West Bank. Here’s what he finds:


Kids here increasingly do not want to grow up to be firefighters, policemen or presidents. Instead, they aspire to become shahid, martyrs, and to die blowing up a few Israelis.

Does this will to die have anything to do with Arafat’s propaganda?
Are schoolbooks praising martyrdom somehow to blame?
Are Saddam’s and Saudi’s family subsidies encouraging young killers?

Oh, heavens no!

The Jews are to blame, says little Nicky.

Unless you like the dry heaves, don’t read Kristof today on an empty stomach. And if you have a full belly, don’t read him without a bucket nearby.


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